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AquaChem Release Notes 2014

AquaChem Release Notes 2014 -

AquaChem 2014.1 Readme (Auszug)

We have also included a more recent version of the WHO water quality standard based on the 4th Edition of the Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality released in 2012.

Lastly, we have also addressed several issues that have been reported since the last release making this release more stable and reliable. Please see the Readme file in the Program installation folder for more details regarding the issues that have been resolved.

Recent History of Changes - Fixed in 14.13.339 (December 2013)

  • Difficulties saving changes to calculations
  • Exceedences where not being highlighted correctly after modifying preferences
  • Unable to add a sample when comparing duplicates
  • Error when running a query on metadata
  • AquaChem has stopped working message on some computers only when opening or closing projects or using Save As
  • Unable to perform Trend Analysis on some specific projects
  • Percent Non-Detects not calculated correctly in Data Summary Report
  • Difficulties assigning proper units to parameters in projects created with customized template
  • Difficulties saving a selection of stations
  • Error when changing maximum date on time series plot
  • Saving and reloading a plot configuration results in different data being shown in client specific project
  • Unable to add a standard to the sample details window
  • Unable to plot symbols in Piper plot due to corrupt project file
  • Changes to units were not saved in the Parameter Details
  • Google Earth option in Station Details unresponsive
  • Using a station specific filter on the samples tab caused an error
  • Difficulties updating symbols after the Station ID has been edited
  • Y2 axis disappears from time series plot when saving the configuration
  • Auto scale function not working correctly on Y2 axis
  • Difficulties importing time series data
  • Outlier Test not providing results
  • Unable to run a Find Query using IS NULL or IS NOT NULL
  • Columns in Plot Legend do not align correctly
  • Difficulties entering formula weights when importing new parameters
  • Summary Statistics showing incorrect number of samples
  • Some tests in the Reliability Check were not being calculated
  • Error encountered when added a QC Flag
  • Y axis of time series plot is not updated after changing the unit it is displayed in
  • 1 Plot per Symbol option for the Piper Plot is not saved in the Plot Configuration
  • Difficulties opening older projects
  • Calculated Parameters not appearing after opening older project
  • Trend Analysis not providing an extrapolation or predicted value
  • Unable to manually assign a symbol to a sample
  • Some symbol settings were not being saved correctly
  • Symbols in plots are different than in the Define Symbol settings
  • Difficulties adding a new parameter
  • Unable to change the frequency of labelled ticks in time series plot
  • Difficulties encountered if Admin user installs and Restricted user runs program
  • Open Database dialog appears twice

Known Issues

Although every reasonable effort has been made to fix any known problems with the software, there are some issues with the software we were not able to fix before the program was released. These issues are documented below.

  • The options Reports / Statistics / Alert Levels and Reports / Statistics / Test for Normality when run do not produce any results.

         --> We are working on resolving this issue within an upcoming release.

  • Projects created in previous versions of AquaChem (2010 and 2011) using the Template_Advanced.tpl may encounter difficulties when trying to open the project in 2012. This is due to a missing system table (Bug 6253).

          --> Please contact Technical Support for instructions on how to resolve the issue.


  • Currently annotations made on plots are not retained once the plot is closed (i.e. you cannot reload an annotation using a saved plot configuration).